Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Top 10 Things I Love About the IRL

The Indian River Lagoon is a magical place. This estuary teems with life. From the early Ais Native Americans to the modern day #hipster, our lagoon has provided a safe haven, nourishment, escape from reality, inspiration, and revenue for the humans who inhabit it. Wildlife flourished in staggering numbers, leading this lagoon to be identified as an estuary of national significance in 1990. In recent years the health of the lagoon has been severely compromised due to excess exposure of nutrient laden stormwater runoff and pollution.

Being a properly educated citizen of the Indian River Lagoon and neighboring watershed is the only way to help protect and restore this natural treasure so many hold near to their heart. Do your part and learn as much as you can. Visit and to find out ways you can have a positive impact on our lagoon.

These are the 10 reason why I love the Indian River Lagoon and why I think it is so important to protect.


Maria Lombardo
Education Coordinator

The Top 10 Things I Love About the IRL!

1. Limitless Inspiration: The lagoon is the perfect muse.

Artist: Vernon Mattiolli

2. The best wildlife viewing opportunities on the East Coast of Florida.

3. Sense of Community: People rally together to fight for the protection of their beloved ecosystem. Nothing makes me feel more at home than the feeling of pride my community shares for our natural habitat.

4. Unlimited Recreational Opportunities: Kayaking, geocaching, fishing, photography, videography, boating, hiking, paddle, boarding, water skiing, jet skiing, jet packing, relaxing, wildlife observing, birding, and endless opportunities to volunteer in environmental fields. With 156 miles of length this lagoon provides limitless possibilities for fun and adventure.

Photo By: IRL Paddle Adventure 

5. Economic Value: The Indian River Lagoon is a national treasure, and is one of the most bio-diverse estuaries in the continental U.S. People spend a lot of $$$$ to come and visit our area. All these tourists help keep our local economy booming. I love my little beach town and I am thankful the lagoon helps draw in our snowbirds that keep the economy thriving and long as they remember to pick up their litter!

6. Biodiversity: I can see 100's of different species in a matter of hours while exploring the lagoon. Not many places in the world offer such a unique wildlife observation opportunity! Get outside and have an adventure!

Photo By: Smithsonian Marine Station
Check out the IRL Species Inventory to learn all about the 
amazing different species we have living our Indian River Lagoon!

7.  Places like the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. <3

8. Easy access to hands-on learning opportunities for Marine Science Education- at any level!

9. Rich History: Stories of the Ais Indians are fascinating. Let yourself be transported back in time!

Check out this great article in the TCPalm

10. RIVER OTTERS, need I say more? <3

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